AMD Threadripper Specs, Price Update: Ryzen CPU Highly Competitive on Price, Performance Compared to Intel

By Jacques Strauss, | June 26, 2017

AMD displays the initial specs of their AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU.

AMD displays the initial specs of their AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU.

AMD Threadripper specs, price, and release date has been highly sought online. With the introduction of Intel Core i9 series, the currently leading brand wishes to reassert its dominance amidst AMD Ryzen latest line-up.  

Following the successful launch and public release of AMD Ryzen chips to the market, Intel immediately responded by introducing their newest new CPU series. This latest processor lineup of Intel also marks its answer to the highly anticipated AMD Threadripper CPU lineup.

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As of the current writing, the most significant specification associated with the Ryzen Threadripper CPU would be its number of cores. As for its high-end variant, it is expected that users may enjoy a 16-core, 32-threads power of the said CPU at a reasonable price, probably half of what Intel may offer. 

In response to such offering, Intel likewise introduced their 18-core, 36-threads desktop processor that is placed on top of the Intel Core X family. However, despite the relatively larger core number introduced by Intel, some experts are not convinced of its potentials, for some such response is embarrassing and hurriedly produced, according to Seeking Alpha.

The same publication also noted that the upcoming AMD Threadripper, its specs and price included, is far more competitive than that of Intel Core i9. The Threadripper is "competitive on price and performance."

Such observation was affirmed by Hexus, saying that the price tag and the software optimizations remain as the stumbling block for Intel Core i9's success. Adding to the burden of CPU pricing that of Intel would be the need of an expensive x299 motherboard.

That is why most experts believe that AMD Threadripper has the upper hand, for in terms of gaming CPU speed and core numbers is always the concern. The Ryzen 7 CPU may even suffice the needs of some gamers, without having to upgrade to a more complicated Intel Core i9 series.

However, despite the commentaries given by enthusiasts and experts alike, the final decision is still to be made upon the release of the Threadripper and Intel Core i9. With the remaining days, more changes and necessary tweaks for surprises may still happen.

Watch here below commentary regarding the newest Intel offering:

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