HIV and AIDS Cure 2017 Update: Immune Boosters are not Cure for HIV/AIDS

By Jacques Strauss, | June 25, 2017

South Africa launches trial of new HIV vaccine  (YouTube)

South Africa launches trial of new HIV vaccine (YouTube)

Definitive HIV and AIDS cure are still yet to be found. That is why experts and government agencies are warning individuals afflicted with the virus that immune boosters are not cure for HIV/AIDS.

Despite the advancement of technology and communication for information dissemination, Africa still remains a hot spot for HIV and AIDS. While anti-retroviral drugs reach the area, some people are still lured to alternative medication in hopes of finally curing the disease.

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However, the executive President of the Centre of Awareness, Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan, has advised individuals seeking a cure that immune booster like their "COA FS" is not a cure. The said drug coming from this non-governmental organization is only a food supplement, and should therefore not replace currently recognized HIV and AIDS treatment.

"The fact that some HIV and AIDS patients have been taking the food supplement and it is boosting their immune system to fight various ailments does not mean it is a cure for the disease. Rather, the centre is working hard to produce a permanent cure for HIV and AIDS at the appropriate time," Graphic quoted Dr. Duncan as saying.

As of the current writing, the only close to HIV and AIDS cure to date would be the antiretroviral therapy. It mainly uses HIV medications to treat the infection and is usually combined with HIV regimen, which is a form of medicine that needs to be taken every day.

People infected with HIV should start ART as soon as possible. Although such therapy is not a cure in itself, the ART helps infected individuals to help live longer, healthier lives. More importantly, the undergoing antiretroviral therapy will help lessen the risk of HIV transmission.

In view of the given facts, people undergoing ART should not abandon the use of such treatment. The alternative medication should form part of the overall HIV/AIDS treatment. Thus, making immune booster, like "COA FS" as a complementary medicine.

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