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'Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2' Complete Command List, Patch Notes And Balance Changes

"Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2" opened its first location test this weekend. Players have started sharing information about the latest fighting game's new characters and balance changes. Meanwhile, Arc System Works has also released its latest patch notes and move lists for the roster. The developer also shared detailed information about each character's changes.


    Australia's Largest Animals Went Extinct 45,000 Years ago due to Human Hunting

    A new study has provided compelling evidence showing that Australia's megafauna went extinct 45,000 years ago due to human hunting and not because of climate change. Scientists have determined that large animals were able to adapt to Earth's drying climate but unfortunately were wiped out within a few thousand years after the first group of people arrived in the continent.

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    More 'Overwatch' Chinese New Year Skins Leaked

    "Overwatch" is getting ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year with its "Year of the Rooster" seasonal event.


    Is Wolf 1061c Exoplanet the Next Earth in our Universe?

    Is Earth the sole habitable planet in our gigantic universe? This question has long haunted the scientific community, as they continue to push the boundaries to search for an Earth-like planet.

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