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Google Yeti: Will it be a Netflix for Video Games?

Netflix, for one, has transformed the entertainment industry entirely- you can pay a small subscription fee per month and get access to a vast number of movies and series. A same kind of service has been confirmed to be launched by Google- only in the area of video games.

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    Have Mobile Casinos Highlighted the Future of Multi-platform Gaming?

    Imagine, as a gaming fan, having invested in an Android smartphone or the latest Apple iPhone only to find yourself unable to play a game of poker against someone (even one of your closest friends), all because you don't share the same device.


    How indie game developers make a living

    Independent game developers make up a crucial part of the gaming industry, in that some of the most innovative and influential titles come from this sector. Oftentimes you will find that it is the indie developers who are forging a path where mainstream developers will follow.


    Has eSports Become a Fully Fledged Broadcast Sport?

    The eSports industry is predicted to hold a worth of $1.5billion in revenue by 2020, with a global audience of 589 million. Furthermore, the number of people around the globe who are aware of eSports is expected to grow from 809 million in 2015 to 1.57 billion in 2019. The difference between the popularity of eSports today compared to just over a decade ago when it was first truly emerging as a spectator sport is astounding. Its popularity looks set only to grow, with more and more platforms signing up to broadcast eSports events.

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