'Kingdom Hearts 3' Update: Latest Gameplay Preview Expected on Next Trailer; New World, Characters to be Exhibited

By Jacques Strauss, | June 25, 2017

Final information regarding "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be announced at D23 Expo. (YouTube)

Final information regarding "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be announced at D23 Expo. (YouTube)

While the release date of "Kingdom Hearts 3" is highly expected, most fans are now glued on the upcoming trailer of the game. The upcoming trailer would be the second "Kingdom Hearts 3" game trailer, following the first trailer release at the "Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour" concert in Los Angeles.

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The second gamer trailer is to debut at the 2017 D23 Expo on July 15. According to the game director, it is expected that new gameplay footage would be showcased from the game, which is far different from what was previously showcased.

Nomura then added that a Japanese version and North American version of the game trailer would be presented. The battle scenes to be expected will be from the actual gameplay footage, but with some differences to distinguish one version from the other.

It "will have a Japanese version and a North American version, but the battle scenes were from an actual gameplay footage, so we couldn't make them exactly the same. It will look the same but if you compare them you will be able to see the differences. So I would like the core fans to look at both trailers. GameRant quoted KH 3 director Tetsuya Nomura as saying.  

Tetsuya also emphasized that the second trailer will be much longer than first released trailer earlier this year. It is being finalized as of the moment, and the expectations of the viewers and enthusiasts are highly considered.

"The editing of the D23 trailer is being finalized right now but I think that not only it will be longer than the orchestra trailer, it will also show some new elements that should meet everyone's expectations," Tetsuya added.

The said progress of the game somehow aligns with the previous statement of Nomura concerning the release date of the game. "In terms of the state of development, there is still some way to go," thus, suggesting that its release window will be farther than expected by most fans.

Watch here below "Kingdom Hearts 3" game trailer:

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