Recreational Marijuana Legalization in Canada Could Affect Various Human, Social Aspects, According to Experts

By Jacques Strauss, | June 25, 2017

Cannabis are sealed for medical use.

Cannabis are sealed for medical use.

Recreational marijuana use may soon be legal in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party passed a bill easing restrictions in March, which is expected to take effect next year.  

The Canadian government and lawmakers have taken a drastic step this year after they have passed the legalization of recreational marijuana in their country. The said law will take effect on July 15, 2018, making cannabis readily available on stores or specialize release outlets.

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However, concerns are still being expressed by experts relating to the recently passed law about the use of weed. The concerns raised by some experts mainly relates to policing and health impact of the marijuana legalization.

"How will police test drivers who they suspect are high? How will law enforcement keep the drug out of the hands of young users? How will diplomats renegotiate long-standing international drugs treaties," Newsweek quoted the sentiments of Canadian provinces, law enforcement, and medical authorities.

In the core message of the opposition, the health of the youth is being emphasized. It can be remembered that just a few weeks back, the editor-in-Chief of Canadian Medical Association Journal, Dr. Diane Kelsall warned the public about the harmful effects of marijuana use.

"Simply put, cannabis should not be used by young people. It is toxic to neurons, and regular use of marijuana can actually change their developing brains. Most of us know a young person whose life was derailed because of marijuana use. The Bill C-45 is unlikely to prevent such tragedies from occurring - and, conversely, may make them more frequent," New-Medical quoted Dr. Diane Kelsall, as saying.

While there would surely be confusion during the implementation of the law, Uruguay offered help concerning the diplomatic ramification and other relevant aspect of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada. In retrospect, the said country legalized the recreational use of the drug 2013. 

Watch here below another impact of marijuana use:

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