Top Powerful Website to try in 2017; Known for its Functionality, User-Friendly Features

By Jacques Strauss, | June 23, 2017

A woman works using two computer monitors. (YouTube)

A woman works using two computer monitors. (YouTube)

Browsing the web has never been more fun and convenient with the help of these powerful websites serving as alternatives for desktop software. Outlined below are some of the must try websites this 2017, which is known for its functionality and user-friendly environment.

Gone were the days where you have to install desktop software in order to convert media file to a certain format. With the help of OnlineConverter, users may easily convert audio, video, image, and even documents into their desired formatting.

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If you are concerned with the safety and security of your computer, the VirusTotal is a must try website. It is a subsidiary of Google that analyzes files and URLs for potential viruses, worms, trojans and other kinds of malicious content. The best thing about this site is that its service is free of charge.

This next site is suitable for 3D printing enthusiasts, for Tinkercad offers free web-based online 3D printing design tool. The good thing about the site is that it is accessible to beginners and experienced designers alike.

For those individuals who lack the access to a Microsoft PowerPoint and similar software, the PowToon is the best alternative there is. This powerful website is used by many for animated presentations that can be combined with narration and other media. The said website is known for its minimalist, user-friendly and intuitive presentation.

For those who are more concern with documents and encoding data into spreadsheets but lacking licensed Office Tools, the Google Drive suite is the solution. This site offers separate tools for spreadsheets, presentations, and documents, making this powerful website an ideal desktop software alternative.

The World Wide Web as we know it today is not simply focused on connecting people and sharing of information. Most websites nowadays also offer services that are only previously available via desktop software. Knowing some of these powerful website alternatives will surely make a difference.

Watch here below more alternative sites:

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