AMD Threadripper Release Date Confirmed Ahead Intel Core i9, Ryzen Chips Still on top CPU Wars

By Jacques Strauss, | June 23, 2017

AMD displays the initial specs of their AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU.

AMD displays the initial specs of their AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU.

The release date of AMD Threadripper has been reported to be commencing ahead that of the Intel Core i9 model. This newly obtained information would somehow affect the marketing strategy of each camp.

Since the release of AMD Ryzen CPU in the market, it seems like Intel is always in the chase. With the positive feedbacks coming from experts and enthusiasts alike concerning the Ryzen chips, the currently dominating CPU manufacturer has been forced to reveal its counter.

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However, despite the big reveal of the X299 chipset and the Core i9 variants, it seems like the online and PC building community is more focused with AMD Threadripper's release date. For some tech experts, the current Intel offering is frustrating in the sense that it has been hastily done just to combat the growing influence of the Ryzen chips on the market.

Regardless of the intention of AMD, it has been reported that the company will ship its Threadripper CPU ahead that of Intel. Based on the report, the Ryzen variant will be shipped by the end July, while Intel Core i9 Extreme Edition will be made available in October.

In view of the given facts, Intel's method of releasing after AMD is viewed by some as the company's means of allowing more room for improvement of their product once the Threadripper has been officially released. More tweaks could be made after seeing what the high-end Ryzen chip could fully offer to the market.

Although it is an old trick in the book, it still not guaranteed that Intel could easily dominate the market. For apart from release date and performance, the price would surely be a factor. It can be remembered that AMD has constantly been giving disruptive pricing, which has somehow attracted many consumers to their flock.

However, it is good to note that nothing is confirmed yet about the final release date of AMD Threadripper and that of the Intel counterpart. Things may change along the way, thus, suggesting to take each information with a grain of salt.

Watch here below introduction of the Threadripper:

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