'Destiny 2' Update: New Gameplay Footage to Premier in Several Odeon Cinemas; Activision to Launch Post-Launch Content Similar to 'Overwatch' Game?

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | May 09, 2017

The worldwide premiere of "Destiny 2" gameplay footage is set on May 18 livestream. (YouTube)

The worldwide premiere of "Destiny 2" gameplay footage is set on May 18 livestream. (YouTube)

The latest details for "Destiny 2" will feature a new gameplay footage premier in Odeon Cinemas and post-launch plans similar to "Overwatch."

Activision will be collaborating with Odeon Cinemas into premiering the new "Destiny 2" gameplay video.The new "Destiny 2" gameplay is set for May 18 in Los Angeles, and if gamers are planning to watch the livestream, they will have to check out Odeon’s official website.

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The "Destiny 2" event is also being streamed via Twitch, but if they can watch it on the big screen exclusively at Odeon cinemas and will receive some goodies from Activision. The event is rated PEGI 16 similar to the game and it opens at 5.45PM GMT, so gamers will have 15 minutes to settle down and stop rustling before the stream begins at 6PM.

Participating cinemas listed on the website include Bournemouth, Glasgow Quay, Greenwich, Kettering, and Manchester Trafford Centre, VG 24/7 reported.

In other news, Activision will likely follow the same pattern that Blizzard's MMO shooter "Overwatch" when it comes to releasing post-launch contents for "Destiny 2."

Activision stated that their post-lalunch for "Destiny 2" will be a “continuous" calendar of events following the expansion pass. The first expansion is due to drop by in the winter, and the second is due in Spring 2018.

Gamers already know some details about the Expansion Passe for "Destiny 2, but it sounds like there will be other content drops beyond these "big" ones. YouTube channel Arekkz claimed that Bungie and Activision could follow the "Overwatch" model and drop seasonal events, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Bungie has been promising that "Destiny 2" will rectify the slow pace of the original game’s content released since last year, PC Game reported.

The Sequel will feature a new storyline involving the Guardians reclaiming Earth from the Cabal led by their new leader Ghaul. "Destiny 2" could tease new sub-classes for Guardians as a tweet from "Destiny" Twitter page hinted that gamers will earn all new weaponry, combat abilities and a whole ton of new loots.

Gamers will likely expect a new Guardian class and sub-classes to have deeper, more RPG-focused class system that really makes each character feel unique. Having one subclass means more customization options.

It is said that the new sub-classes are based on new elemental concepts. Decay has been an idea tossed around for a while now in the "Destiny" community, and perhaps something similar could make its way into the sequel.

"Destiny 2" will be available on Sept. 8 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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