'Overwatch' DLC Update: New Matchmaking Changes Added For 'Competitive Play'; Genji, Hanamura Map Coming to 'Heroes of the Storm' [VIDEO]

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | April 21, 2017

'Overwatch' is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

'Overwatch' is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

The latest details for "Overwatch" will feature new matchmaking rules in Competitive Play and Genji and Hanamura map coming to "Heroes of the Storm."

It seems that Blizzard Entertainment will be making some matchmaking changes in "Overwatch" after gaming fans complained about the one percent ruling in Competitive Play. The developers have adjusted its decision as to how ties should be decided. Now, instead of a team only having to touch the objective to in order to break a tie and secure the win, teams will also have to achieve a minimum of 33 percent progress on the point

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The previous "Overwatch" match rule heavily confused gaming fans when playing Competitive Play, as it meant that drawing teams simply had to gain one percent more progress on the objective than their opponents to win.

Meaning that the defending team had to constantly keep at least one member on the point at all times, or else risk losing the match. For example, if Team A gains ten percent, then Team B captures 20 pecent in the next round, the match will end in a stalemate as neither team reached 33 percent capture.

However, if Team A reaches 90 percent on offense before Team B attacks to gain 40 percent, Team A wins as they had more progress than their opponent and a minimum of 33 percent, Gamerant reported.

In other news, a new "Overwatch" hero and stage will added in "Heroes of Storm" as Blizzard placed Genji into the roster.

Genji is the latest "Overwatch" character joining "Heroes of the Storm" alongside Tracer, Zarya and Lucio and is classified as an Assasin type hero. Genji will retain his move set from "Overwatch" while there are some slight changes to it.

One of them is his wall-climbing ability renamed Cyber Agility and its a passive trait for Genji since "Heroes of the Storm" lack verticality.

Genji's attack includes "Shuriken," which allows him to fire three shuriken in a spread pattern to deal damage. Three charges of this move can be stored, and its cooldown restores all three charges

Next is "Deflect" that last 1.25 seconds as Genji blocks damage and automatically fires back Kunai, dealing damage to the closest enemy. "Swift Strike" is a forward dash that deals damage to enemies in the area of effect. The cool down and mana cost of this ability is automatically replenished if an enemy hero dies within two seconds of being hit by this attack.

Genji's Heroic attack is the "Dragonblade" as he unleashes his sword, just like his Ultimate in "Overwatch." In conjunction with Swift Strike, he can lunge forward to deal damage in a large arc. "Swift Strike's" replenish condition still applies and the move last only 8 seconds

Lastly, a new attack added for Genji in "Heroes of the Storm" is called "X-Strike," which sees him slashing his target twice to deal damage. After 1.25 seconds, an area of effect deals additional damage.

Aside from Genji, Blizzard also added the Hanamura map from "Overwatch" into "Heroes of the Storm," although it will be different in terms of area and map size.

Both Genji and the Hanamura map are featured in the latest beta test and will be coming to "Heroes of the Storm" via update 2.0, GameSpot reported.

"Overwatch" is currently available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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