'For Honor' Patch Update 1.05 Features Changes on Contracts, Game Events; Two New DLC Heroes Coming Soon!

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | April 20, 2017

For Honor - Official FINAL Trailer (YouTube)

For Honor - Official FINAL Trailer (YouTube)

New details in "For Honor" will feature the launch of patch update 1.05 and two DLC heroes coming to the game soon.

Ubisoft launched the new patch update 1.05 in "For Honor" this week for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, which brings tons of changes in mechanics, gear and progression.

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Gear in "For Honor" has been heavily changed as the values of Revenge on gear are down in nearly every aspect. Essentially, the bonus of Revenge stats is down.

The next change is the Guardbreak counter no longer benefiting from the debuff stat on gear. According to the patch notes, players were able to minimize the time available to Guardbreak with the debuff stat.

"For Honor's" latest patch update also changes some stats among the game's heroes. For instance the Nobushi's Hidden State is easier to activate and functions similarly to the other fighter's full block stances. The Lawbringer's shove glitch has been fixed, while the Berserker's heavy finishers hit areas are now improved. Lastly, the Warlord's Blocking External Attacks while in Full Block Stance now costs stamina is now fixed, PlayStationLifeStyle reported.

Possibly the biggest change in the patch 1.05 is how players complete Daily and Contract orders in "For Honor," a they can all be completed through PvP and versus AI. Previously, it could only be done how the game decided, but now the player can choose.

Meanwhile, the Ninja and Centurion heroes are likely to join "For Honor's" roster soon as Ubisoft has been dodging questions on their livestream about the heroes since the DLC classes leaked.

Ubisoft revealed the official art of both DLC classes in the latest update and may receive an official word from them nearing the end of the first Faction War.

Two visual arts showcased a male and female Ninja and Centurion classes thus seeming confirming that both heroes in "For Honor." The Ninja is equipped with a pair of Kamas, while the Centurion's weapon is not featured in the photo. The Centurion class will be part of the Knight faction, while the Ninja will part of the Samurai group.

Ubisoft stated before that they will launch six heroes in "For Honor" as part of their post-launch plans, and they will be included in pairs. Perhaps the Ninja and the Centurion are the first two heroes to come in "For Honor" as players are curious about who are the four remaining heroes left, iTechPost reported.

"For Honor" is currently available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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