‘Days Gone’ Release Date: Coming to PS4 in December; What to Expect From Sony Bend’s Newest Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Game

By Ingrid Marrel, | May 20, 2017

Days Gone - E3 2016 Gameplay Demo | PS4 (YouTube)

Days Gone - E3 2016 Gameplay Demo | PS4 (YouTube)

Sony Bend's newest post-apocalyptic open world zombie survival game, "Days Gone" has already been introduced in the gaming world during the 2016 E3 convention. Outwardly, the game look similar to Naughty Dog's "The Last Of Us", however, the game has its own unique features that prove to be superior to others.

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In the previous report by Telegiz, "Days Gone" will also pattern from the popular series, "Sons of Anarchy" which features the life of bikers. The protagonist, Deacon St. John will be using all his biking abilities to dodge the thousands of infected masses, called the Freakers.

Sony has not totally released any information about the game, but fans can be assured that there will be an update to it during the 2017 E3 Convention. Although there's so much to be revealed about "Days Gone", Sony has chosen to keep things at bay, especially for PC gamers.

When Is The Expected Release

Currently, "Days Gone" is reported to be released in PS4 platform only, and this might raise disappointments from other gamers using different platforms. Moreover, it is expected to be released in December, just in time for the holiday season, but could be moved to 2018, as reported by Expert Views.

What's Deacon's Mission

There's little-known information about Deacon's identity and his mission. Sony has not disclosed why the protagonist is on the road, risking his life, dealing with the zombies, instead of hiding somewhere safe. Also, no information has been revealed about why the Freakers have turned as they are.

In the meantime, players are expected to tackle the situation with freedom, depending on the time of the day. Also, players can expect the provision of vehicles during the gameplay.

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