HTC U Ultra: Sapphire Special Edition Beats Tissot Watch & Galaxy S8, HTC Made It Where Apple Failed, Here's Why?

May 15, 2017

HTC U Ultra: Unboxing & Review| Youtube

HTC U Ultra: Unboxing & Review| Youtube

HTC U Ultra, the maker of Android 7 and dual SIM smartphone successfully launched into the market its new addition sapphire special edition. Indeed, it is not heresy that the smartphone's screen beats the recent scratch test against established brands. While Apple failed in its search for a scratch-free screen, the Taiwan-based company made it.

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Let us take a look at how the HTC U Ultra Sapphire Special Edition beats the reputably strong and expensive brands. In a report by GSMarena, Zack of the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything subjected the smartphone screen to a Scratch Test. The competitors are luxury Tissot watch and of course the Galaxy S8's hybrid glass screen protector. At level 3, the Galaxy S8 had its screen damaged.

At level 6 or 7 both the Tissot watch and the HTC U Ultra remained unscratched. However, at level 8 that is the "topaz" and zirconia hardness, both got slight scratches and at Level 9, finally both got the scratching.

According to Technobuffalo, the sapphire screen of the smartphone is the strongest display ever created on a phone. Here's why, because sapphire undergoes an strenuous in the fiery and large furnaces.


There were reports that Apple had worked so hard on sapphire displays with another company but failed in this area. In the scratch test, the Iphone 7 only lasted up to level 6, outsmarted by the HTC U Ultra 3 levels higher at level 9. Regarding the price, one can get the sapphire edition at a cool $949 in the international market. This means that the phone is not available in the US. Well, just stay tuned to Telegiz for more update.

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