Microsoft Xbox Needs a Major Overhaul to Pull off E3 2017; Sony PS4’s 'Days Gone' Introduced, Plus Great Games Coming!

By Ingrid Marrel, | May 15, 2017

PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One S Z|Youtube

PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One S Z|Youtube

The E3 2017 is once again expected to launch to give game developers and manufacturers a time to introduce upcoming games and gadgets. Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PS4 are two of the most popular consoles that are expected to have a definite showdown.

A lot of gamers will be expecting to see new things during the convention, and Microsoft Xbox needs to step up its game to pull off E3. The company has truly struggled to keep the momentum, hence, if Xbox wants to stay in the market, Microsoft must have a major overhaul.

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The UI of the Xbox is not a satisfying user experience despite Microsoft's efforts in improving the UI. Gamers are left with impractical icons redirect prompts.

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Another transformation that should be done is that Microsoft needs to confirm the digital refund policy. A lot of gamers are not very happy with the policy as they are not getting a refund. If the Xbox continues to fail giving satisfaction to gamers, it might not be able to attract users.

Furthermore, Microsoft Xbox needs to take care of the consumer interest. Live Arcades and mandatory demos are crucial to allow players to see if the games are worth buying or not. Hence, Microsoft needs to bring back these two to maintain gamers' satisfaction.

It seems that Microsoft is expected to upgrade not only the Xbox device but also its consumer satisfaction policy. On the other hand, Sony's PS4 is all ready for E3 2017. Although there's no new hardware to show, avid PS4 users can expect great games coming, such as "God of War", "Detroit: Become Human", "Days Gone", "Dreams", "The Last of Us Part 2" and "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy".

The list for PS4 games does not stop there, but players can just expect more of E3 when it launches on June 13 to 15.

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