'Injustice 2' Update: Ed Boon Tease Watchmen Characters in the Roster; In-Game Bug Discovered, PC Version Coming Soon!

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | May 19, 2017

"Injustice 2" PC version release to follow. (YouTube)

"Injustice 2" PC version release to follow. (YouTube)

The latest "Injustice 2" update will feature an in-game bug, Watchmen characters and a PC version coming soon.

NetherRealm Studios game producer and "Mortal Kombat" creator Ed Boon teased the characters of the Watchmen will be coming to roster of "Injustice 2" as he told Gamerant that famous character in Alan Moore's famous comic storyline are not outside the "realm of possibility."

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However, Boon explained that they wanted to add more interesting characters in "Injustice 2's" roster and they can achieve that thru DLC, but eventually someone could be taken out of the choices.

When Gamerant asked Boon if the popular Watchmen member Rorschach will or will not be added to "Injustice 2's" roster, he just simply teased them by saying he is not ready to "say it just yet."

NetherRealm Studios already announced nine DLC characters for "Injustice 2" with Starfire, Red Hood and "Mortal Kombat" fan-favorite Sub-Zero being the first batch. Clues on the characters in the DLC pack 2 and 3 teased Aquaman villain Black Manta and another "MK" fighter Raiden.

In other news, it seems that several players are having problems in "Injustice 2" regarding the a bug in their character progress.

One player named Luca tip-off several players regarding the in-game bug in "Injustice 2" from the games official forums and Reddit community. The problem mainly involves character and player levels, were in the player quits the game and goes about their business, when they come back their level 20 character is suddenly at level 11 wearing level 20 gear that cannot be put back on if taken off.

According to the customer agent I contacted at WB Games support, several customers on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms have called in regarding the issue, and the developers are aware and working towards a solution.

On the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this involves powering down the console via the in-game menu, waiting 20-30 seconds, and then powering back up.

Lastly, its seems the PC version of "Injustice 2" will likely come out in a later date or probably next year.

Boon already confirmed "Injustice 2" in the PC, but NetherRealm has not yet said anything about a release date in the platform. One theory suggest that the PC version could be an updated version of "Injustice 2" complete will all of its DLC or it.

"Injustice 2" is currently available for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

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