'Batman: Arkham Insurgency' News: E3 2017 Appearance not Happening; Damian Wayne to be the Protagonist for the Sequel?

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | May 17, 2017

‘Batman: Arkham Insurgency' will likely debut at E3 in June. (YouTube)

‘Batman: Arkham Insurgency' will likely debut at E3 in June. (YouTube)

The latest update for "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" will feature Damian Wayne as its new lead character and no E3 2017 appearance.

It seems that gaming fans will not likely see the rumored "Arkham" sequel, "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" during this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo event next month. Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier tweeted an answer to Twitter username johnboyDCcomics regarding a possible appearance with the latter replying that he would not get his "hopes up" soon.

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The Twitter user followed it up with a question that Bruce Wayne/Batman's son, Damian Wayne could star in "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" as Schreier" replied by stating "IDK" to his question. Based on that information, the game is not likely ready to be shown at E3 2017.

Some are reporting that "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" is a reboot of the "Arkham" game series as rep Damian Wayne replaces his father,Bruce as the Dark Knight himself, but Schreier's tweets are noncommittal about that.

Damian Wayne is teh fifth and currentl Robin in the comic, and at one point he became Batman after Bruce was killed by an unknown person, making his successor to his legacy.

It is not clear whether he would have been portrayed as a sidekick in the game, or has he inherited the role of Batman from his father. Batman as a character and pop icon, had a massive worldwide appeal, and the "Arkham" series demonstrated that video games can do the Dark Knight justice.

 It has been two years since the release of "Batman: Arkham Knight," and the "Arham" sequel/reboot could means that WB Games Montreal is planning something interesting for Batman in the future.

However, it is possible that WB Games Montreal has a second DC Universe project that could be ready sooner than whatever becomes of the troubled Damian Wayne game. It was previously reported that the studio was taking on new staff to facilitate the development of two distinct titles, although little information has been made public about either, Gamerant reported.

For now, gaming and DC fans will have to wait for Warner Bros. Games Montreal's update of "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" soon.

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