'Injustice 2' DLC Characters: Killer Croc, Bronze Tiger, John Constantine, Spawn Coming to the Roster; Official PS4, Xbox One File Sizes Revealed!

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | May 16, 2017

'Injustice 2' will likely add Black Manta and Raiden as DLC characters. (YouTube)

'Injustice 2' will likely add Black Manta and Raiden as DLC characters. (YouTube)

New updates for "Injustice 2" will feature several characters for possible DLC fighters and the official PS4 and Xbox One file sizes revealed.

With "Injustice 2" coming out this week for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, gamers are starting to wonder what is the file size of the game for both consoles.

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The official Xbox One Marketplace list "Injustice 2" as about 27.16GB for the Xbox One, while the PS4 version is listed as 27.8 in the PlayStation Network. This file size is just a little bigger than what the size will be on Xbox One, which sounds about right. There are some games that have very different sizes between the two systems, but most of them are in the same vicinity size wise.

In addition, the "Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition" will need a minimum of 35 GB for the file size to download, which is likely due to the upcoming DLC in the game. The Ultimate Edition will give players all nine DLC characters during its post-launch, so it makes sense that adding an additional 7 or more GB would cover that, Attack of the Fanboy reported.

Meanwhile, new names for possible DLC characters in "Injustice 2" have been revealed online.

As stated before, NetherRealm Studios will launch nine DLC characters for "Injustice 2" as Sub-Zero, Starfire and Red Hood have announced as the first wave of fighters. While gamers are aware that Black Manta and "Mortal Kombat's" Thunder God Raider will likely come to the roster at some time, the reaming characters are everyone's guest.

However, several names have been suggested by fans of the DC figthing game and these are Killer Croc, Bronze Tiger, Plastic Man, John Constantine and Spawn, ComicBook reported.

DC characters like Jay Garrick, Mr. Freeze, Vixen, Grid, John Stewart, Power Girl and Reverse-Flash are added as character skins for The Flash, Supergirl, Cheetah, Green Lantern and Captain Cold.

"Injustice 2" will launch on May 16 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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