Top Military Aircraft of Superpowers Aside From America's F-22, Russia's Tu-95

By Jacques Strauss, | April 20, 2017

 The possible look of the upcoming US F/A-XX.

The possible look of the upcoming US F/A-XX.

With the recent encounter between America's F-22 combat aircraft and Russia's Tu-95 strategic bomber near Alaska, people are once again reminded of the air competence of current superpowers. To name a few, outlined are some of the currently used military aircraft by the highly advanced air force. 

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Apart from the Tu-95 bomber, Russia still has something to offer for potential opponents in the air. Serving as a replacement to increasingly feeble Cold War-era Su-24 Fencer, the Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback is formidable air-to-air self-defense capability as mentioned by National Interest.

The Royal Australian Air Force, on the other hand, boasts of their Boeing EA-18G Growler. Such aircraft is designed to disrupt enemy radars and other forms of communication, making it ideal for electronic attacks.

Since it is still a relatively new aircraft, experts are still expecting that such modern weapon will become more capable with new Next Generation Jammers. As of now, the aircraft excels with its powerful sensors that include ALQ-218 receivers and ALQ-99 jamming pods.

The French Air Force also has its own air superiority with its more than 200 aircraft, which largely includes the Dassault Rafale. Although undervalued by other operators, the French Rafale will likely be a more capable aircraft with potential upgrades ahead.

The French Rafale utilizes the Thales RBE2, a passive electronically scanned array radar. Along with it, is also an excellent electronic warfare system called the SPECTRA. To make it more competitive, the Damocles targeting pod are actually being replaced with a new version.

Meanwhile, the interception of the America's F-22 combat aircraft with Russia's Tu-95 strategic bomber ended in a peaceful manner. Pentagon spokesman, Navy Commander Gary Ross, stated that the intercept was 'safe and professional,' according to Chicago Tribune.

The said interception was a result of the constant monitoring North American Aerospace Defense Command. The agency monitors all air approaches to North America, including that of the international airspace off Alaska's coast.

Watch here below next generation military aircraft:

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