Is the FLIR ONE Pro’s Thermal Camera Worth the Money?

By Travis Howard, | January 09, 2017

The FLIR ONE thermal camera costs $400. (YouTube)

The FLIR ONE thermal camera costs $400. (YouTube)

FLIR recently unveiled the professional version of its FLIR ONE smartphone's camera. This thermal camera was previously limited to the smartphone's toolkits for people in law enforcement and the military who require thermal vision. Now, it is open to the public.

Like its predecessor, the FLIR ONE, the new FLIR ONE Pro works by being connected to the bottom of a smartphone. The second-generation FLIR ONE Pro is Lightning and USB-C friendly and does not sport an Apple Lightning connector or microUSB like the previous version. According to Gizmodo, it can be used with a variety of devices including the Google Pixel phone, LG G5, and other Android devices which sport USB-C.

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This thermal camera comes with a small wheel to adjust the length of the USB-C connector or the Lightning. It will enable the accessory to be connected directly to a smartphone without removing it from its protective cover, Apple Insider reported.

The cost has hit the $ 400 tag, which is quite huge. The new innovative features include a 160 x 120 pixels thermal sensor, which makes it a game changer and a lot more competent as compared to its former version. Additionally, software functionality is also enhanced with new technology; which will enable FLIR ONE Pro to take various temperature readings.

The advanced professional features justify the price of the product to some extent. 

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