Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast, According to Experts

By Jacques Strauss, | June 29, 2017

A man offers a healthy breakfast option.

A man offers a healthy breakfast option.

People wanting to lose weight immediately are more prone to skip breakfast. However, such action may lead to serious consequences according to experts.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. That is why skipping such meal could be counterintuitive for one's goal to be fit and healthy.

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According to research, skipping breakfast could increase the risk of obesity, or it would be much harder for a person to lose weight. If you want not to overeat throughout the rest of day, the Weight-control Information Network suggests that you should eat your breakfast.

Aside from increasing the risk of obesity, it was also highlighted by experts that skipping the most important meal of the day could affect both mental aspects of a person. Based on the report of the  Centers for Disease Control, skipping breakfast can negatively impact the ability of a person to address problem-solving effectively.  

As a result of the mental disruption, it has also been noted that skipping a meal in the morning could also make it difficult for a person to stick to his plan. Sticking to a weight loss plan, for example, would much difficult for a person who has skipped breakfast will likely crave and eat more food than advised. Thus, ruining the whole weight loss plan.

Apart from the mental impact of not eating a meal in the morning, a person who skipped such meal may also experience low energy level. Breakfast is said to be very important for it will fuel the body the energy it needs for the day.

Additionally, skipping a meal in the morning will largely affect the physical aspect of a person. Symptoms of hypoglycemia may manifest like shakiness, dizziness, weakness, headaches, tingling and a rapid heart rate.

If you would really like to stay fit and healthy, it would be wiser not to skip breakfast. If you are concerned with your weight, it would be best to simply manage your food intake in the morning than not eating at all.

Watch here below ideal breakfast meal for losing weight:

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