'Borderlands 3' Update: Gearbox CEO Teases BIG Plausible Feature on Xbox One, PS4 Platforms but There's a Catch

By Irina Stark, | June 24, 2017

'Borderlands 3' might get a cross platform play support if Microsoft and Sony allow it. (YouTube)

'Borderlands 3' might get a cross platform play support if Microsoft and Sony allow it. (YouTube)

An all new big feature is seen plausible for "Borderlands 3" Xbox One and PS4 platforms, basically from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford's lens, that is. However, there is some obstacle that could get in the way to make it happen after all.

This latest update came out when a curious fan directed a question at Pitchford regarding possibilities in the development of "Borderlands 3". He was asked if the company has any plan to add a cross platform play feature between Xbox One and PS4 platforms.

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In response, he stated that he would love to include this big new feature that he knows will make users of either consoles happy in case it pushes through. But there's a catch.

Pitchford went on to say that a cross platform play will only be possible for "Borderlands 3" if the studio gets the green light from both Sony and Microsoft. Seemingly, what hinders players to play multiplayer with other players on a different console at this time is the non-cooperation between these giant studios.

It appears that Gearbox Software's hands are tied without the approval from both publishers and their cooperation is required to make cross platform play happen for the first time in the franchise. Right now, fans only get to enjoy this feature exclusive on both of Microsoft's platforms, Xbox One and PC.

The cross platform play has not worked out just yet in these current generation consoles, given how Sony and Microsoft have become tough rivals in the industry and they have worked anything together for myriad reasons. For one, Sony is adamant about working with Microsoft because of children's inevitable exposure to crude content in video games once it's carried out. 

Perhaps, things can still happen in between to make this feature possible in "Borderlands 3" all for the gamers' sake. But before that, Gearbox Software has yet to announce the third title at a gaming convention somewhere and after it skipped E3, the next possible event is at Gamescom in August.  

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