‘Death Stranding’: Fresh Update Confirms Hideo Kojima’s Title in Playable Development Stages

By Irina Stark, | June 23, 2017

‘Death Stranding’ is speculated to headline Sony-centric PSX 2017 in December. (YouTube)

‘Death Stranding’ is speculated to headline Sony-centric PSX 2017 in December. (YouTube)

After its absence at E3 2017, a fresh exciting update on the development of "Death Stranding" has surfaced online. This news comes straight from game publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment's President and CEO, Shawn Layden. 

Its non-appearance at the this year's biggest trade show had not just miffed fans but it also cast doubts among gamers that "Death Stranding" is still in the early stages and it will still take more years before it arrives on the PS4. Apparently, it is not true and speculation is shot down with the most recent update from Layden himself.     

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In his interview with Telegraph, the company's top executive shared that he got his hands on "Death Stranding" and actually played the game. His revelation offers a clearer view to fans that the game is making a smooth progress toward its release date, which remains a secret, at the moment.

When asked to talk more about the details of his hands-on experience, he negated from it. "I couldn't explain to you what the game is," Layden said.

What he said could mean that he is restricted to divulge any details regarding the secrets of a Hideo Kojima game or maybe, the title is just a complex one to explain since Kojima is well-known for his creations that have shocking twists and turns before getting deep into the game's plot. 

It may be the element of surprise that fans have got love a lot about a Kojima title, which pretty much explains why "Death Stranding" makes it to the list of hotly anticipated video games currently in development for PS4.

Fresh speculations are now suggesting that after it skipped E3, "Death Stranding" will be headlining the PlayStation Experience 2017 (PSX) in December alongside another E3 no-show title from Naughty Dog, "The Last of Us 2". PSX 2017 is slated to take place on December 9-10 at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

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