Netflix, ABC Hacker 'TheDarkOverlord' Threatens to Release More Hollywood Leaks

By Prei Dy, | June 09, 2017

Hacker group TheDarkOverlord said it will release more Hollywood shows and movies. (YouTube)

Hacker group TheDarkOverlord said it will release more Hollywood shows and movies. (YouTube)

The hackers behind Netflix's Orange is the New Black and ABC's Funderdome threatened to release more Hollywood contents.

"There's always more," TheDarkOverlord told The Hollywood Reporter. "Hollywood is under attack, and we're at the forefront of this most recent offensive."

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TheDarkOverlord claimed to hold copies of unaired series, films, and studio movies from networks like IFC and National Geographic. Deadline previously reported that the hacker group's list include 37 titles such as Bill Nye Saves The World Season 1; it is uncertain if CBC's NCIS Los Angeles, IFC's Portlandia¸ ABC's The Middle, and an untitled Jason Alexander project are also in the list.

 TheDarkOverlord is the same hacker who recently leaked the first eight episodes of the Steve Harvey-hosted game Funderdome, which is scheduled to premiere on ABC this Sunday (June 11). The content was spread via The Pirate Bay.

Last April 28, the group also leaked the entire 10 episodes of the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black. The Netflix series' fifth season is not officially set to begin streaming until Friday.

The group is in the business of stealing shows as a collateral for money. Although both Neflix and Disney/ABC refused to pay the ransom demands, others have reportedly paid discreetly, The Hollywood Reported said citing knowledgeable sources. 

"We're not in the business to scare anyone. We're in the business of earning vast amounts of internet money."

Meanwhile, Hemanshu Nigam, a former federal prosecutor of online crime in Los Angeles, said that hackers collaborate with pirates to infuse malware to leak contents and steal info, spy, or even destroy users' computer with ransomware. He also claimed that "in many cases, hackers do not restore files even after ransom is paid."

The DarkOverLord, in response, brushed off such allegations and said they have never altered its leaked contents and always returns files after agreed-upon payment has been made.

"We're a professional operation," the hacker group said.

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