Cutting-Edge Lockheed Martin Exoskeleton Gives Users Superhuman Skills

By Jacques Strauss, | May 17, 2017

An example of a "Lockheed Martin" exoskeleton is on display.

An example of a "Lockheed Martin" exoskeleton is on display.

The latest Lockheed Martin exoskeleton does not only makes its users look cool, but it also enhances their abilities almost beyond a superhuman level. The said technology gives an additional boost for its users to perform physically demanding tasks that require being repeated for a period of time.

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"FORTIS K-SRD features military-specification batteries that are approved for infantry use, improved control box ergonomics and faster actuators that generate more torque," "These system upgrades resulted from soldier feedback on the initial design," The Engineer quoted FORTIS program manager at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control Keith Maxwell as saying.

With the use of an enhanced technology coming from American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company, Lockheed Martin, soldiers are given an additional boost to perform their duties. With the help of licensed DermoskeletonTM bionic augmentation technology, military personnel can perform repetitions of exhausting tasks like carrying heavy loads.

Putting into context, the computer-controlled exoskeleton could help soldiers counteract overstress on the lower portions of their body when exposed to physically demanding tasks. Such challenges may include but may not be limited to continuous kneeling or squatting, or lifting, dragging, carrying or climbing with heavy loads.

"For any mission that combines heavy man-portable gear and climbing, Fortis K-SRD can enhance strength and endurance," Maxwell added.

The said activity is made possible with the help of highly sensitive sensors attached to the said device. It reports its user's speed, direction, and angle of movement to an onboard computer, which in turn propels electro-mechanical actuators at the knees.

This latest add-on to hi-tech military gears is indeed promising. However, such game-changing technology is not only limited to military use.

It has been reported that exoskeleton would also be available for industrial purposes. Workers and first responders who are exposed to similar or greater bodily stress may also take advantage of the new Lockheed Martin exoskeleton device.  

Watch here below the technology in motion:

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