iPad Pro 2 Update: Release Date Could Spawn Issues For Apple’s Flagship Device; Competition Between Lenovo & Samsung Heats Up, Interesting Details Unveiled

By Aliza Xandria, | April 20, 2017

iPad Pro 2 | Everything We Know So Far (trustedreviews/YouTube Screenshot)

iPad Pro 2 | Everything We Know So Far (trustedreviews/YouTube Screenshot)

The rumor mill for Apple's rumored device, the iPad Pro 2 continues to soar. There are speculations implying that the new device sets the bar higher for its competitors such as Samsung's product and Lenovo as well.

There are even inclinations indicating that the release date of the iPad Pro 2 might render a bad beat for Apple since its release date remains uncertain and unknown. However, even though the release date has not been confirmed, assumed specs and features continue to climb.

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A former report from Telegiz already unveiled the rumors regarding the iPad Pro 2. According to the report, rumors are coming out of the upcoming release of the iPad Pro 2 and additional assumptions of the iPad Pro 2 incorporating the same technology as the NVIDIA Volta are also on the rise.

Given the claims, Apple has not confirmed the notions to be true. The same report relayed, that being said, it is not possible for Apple's iPad Pro 2 to incorporate the same tech as the NVIDIA Volta and with the specs and features revealed, tech enthusiasts should be aware that the technology to power up both devices are not the same.

On a different tone, while Apple enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the upcoming iPad Pro 2, Guiding Tech reports that there are also some setbacks for the device. For one, the Smart Keyboard is really awkward on the lap and it is funny how Apple keeps marketing the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, but it barely works on your lap.

As for its performance, it remains uncertain on whether Apple's iPad Pro 2 would outpace and outsmart Samsung or Lenovo. For the rumors that are skyrocketing, everything should be taken with a grain of salt in mind.

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