Red Dead Redemption 2: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

By Telegiz , | September 20, 2018

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There can be no denying that Rockstar holds a reputation as one of the best in the business for a reason. Amazing games, popularizing the open-world genre like never before, and stories which blend humour and action to an effective degree are all part of this, but we do remain cautious. Recent changes within the company and within gaming as a whole threaten to undermine the potential of their upcoming Red Dead sequel, so what do we look forward to, and what we fear?

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The Pretty Face

If we remember being blown away by the enormous and involving worlds of GTA 1 then you might understand that the newer entries in Rockstar's long-running series have us positively salivating. While we might have doubts about other aspects of the game, there is no denying that the game is looking to set new standards when it comes to open world graphics, as illustrated by this investigation by noted YouTube channel Digital Foundry:


On top of this, we expect the best illustration of the old west to yet enter gaming, and the fact that we can experience this with friends makes the concept all the more exciting. This multiplayer aspect, however, is also the basis of many of our fears.

The Potential for Failure

RDR2 will be a commercial success, that much is a given, but that doesn't mean it will be perfect. Our issues here come from the fact that the game seems to be pushing a heavy basis on the multiplayer aspect, and how this relates to GTA 5. For those unaware, the online of GTA 5 is something which fans of the series have been dreaming of since Rockstar was DMA. The full map open to up to 64 players at a time, with a huge amount of individual activities, races, and trolling opportunities on full display.

"《要塞英雄》月收入創造新紀" (Public Domain) by steamXO

The issue here relates to exactly how Rockstar dealt with their online service. First of all, they continually push the 'micro' transactions called Shark Cards, ways for players to literally pay for advantages over other players. These can also be incredibly expensive, costing more than the base game. Tie this together with the terrible peer-to-peer server system and you have a game rife with hackers, and one which is inherently unfair. These cash systems also mean that the amazing poker game of the original RDR might not be legal in the sequel, though at least there are still actual online casinos we can rely on, like the ones taken from FAQ here.

In short, the focus of Rockstar since they became one of the biggest names in the modern industry seems to be heading increasingly towards money over player enjoyment or quality work, and this is not something we can appreciate as gamers.

Hopefully Overstated

With the backlash against recent awful gaming decisions like those of the Battlefront 2 fiasco being more visible than ever, we have to hope that Rockstar is aiming for something a bit more with this much-anticipated sequel. At least we can remain confident that the single player should be amazing fun, and the multiplayer should at least be great on private servers. Prove our fears wrong, Rockstar, we'd love to look back on this and curse our lack of faith.

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