'Spider-Man' PS4's Open World can be Access Early in the Game; New Improvements for the PS4 Pro Version Revealed [VIDEO]

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | June 28, 2017

Marvel teases "Spider-Man" PS4 as one of the best games PlayStation 4. (YouTube)

Marvel teases "Spider-Man" PS4 as one of the best games PlayStation 4. (YouTube)

New updates for "Spider-Man" PS4 will have more details on its open-world feature and improvements on the PS4 Pro version.

It seems that new details for the "Spider-Man" PS4 game has been revealed as an identical demo of the game was shown at E3 2017 with some differences behind closed doors. The demo mostly featured various differences in how the sequence shown in the gameplay presentation could play out, including the failure of certain objectives, and an extended look at its combat gameplay, ComicBook reported.

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As seen in the E3 2017 presentation, the "Spider-Man" PS4 featured an impressive display of New York as players can explore the city as both the web-slinger and Peter Parker adding new depth to the story. Insomniac Games community director James Stevenson that the game's map size is four or six times bigger than "Sunset Overdrive."

After the demo, various media press and attendees started asking questions on the open-world features of "Spider-Man" and an Insomniac Games representative confirmed that gamers can access its open-world features from the start.

In other news, it seems that more improvements for "Spider-Man" in the PlayStation 4 Pro have been revealed.

Digital Foundry posted an analysis video about the "Spider-Man" game and it featured significant graphical edges when played in the PS4 Pro. It is previously reported, that the PS4 Pro version of the game will not run a 4K resolution with 60fps, due CPU constraints.

However, Digital Foundry's analysis may prove the possibility that "Spider-Man" on the PS4 Pro can run at 4K resolution as it appears to hold up extremely well even during action sequences, and the CG-like aesthetic that Insomniac Games has favored upon the game, Gamerant reported.

Digital Foundry has been known to be trusted experts on video game graphics and their opinion holds a high regard for several gamers in the industry.

With that in mind, will gamers see "Spider-Man" running at 4K resolution at 60fps without any constraints or problems when it launches next year?

 "Spider-Man" PS4 will launch in early 2018 for the PS4 console.

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