'Kingdom Hearts 3' Gameplay, Update: Plot, Level, Returning Villains Revealed; New World, Long D23 Trailer, and Release Date News at D23 Expo

By Matthew King, | June 20, 2017

Final information regarding "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be announced at D23 Expo. (YouTube)

Final information regarding "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be announced at D23 Expo. (YouTube)

Fans are now aboard the hype train for the impending reveal of "Kingdom Hearts 3" at D23 Expo in mid-July, where Square Enix promises a new world to see, a long trailer, and a possible release date news.

The anticipation builds up fast among loyal players of the popular RPG series to see more of the progess to show next for "Kingdom Hearts 3" next month. It will only be a month by then after the game's surprise trailer premiere at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour in Los Angeles last week.

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Longer D23 Trailer, Release Date News

Game director Tetsuya Nomura revealed via Famitsu that the D23 trailer will be longer than the Orchestra trailer and will as well show new elements that he said will meet fans' expectations. In addition, KH 13 pointed out that the developer also plans to announce final information, which then sparked speculation anew that the release date news will finally happen there.

Meanwhile, the new trailer for "Kingdom Hearts 3" has offered a glimpse at the game's story as well as returning villainous characters. Fans has once again got a peek at the sequel's Hercules-inspired level that was formerly teased in past teasers and screenshots.

Story and Returning Villains

Moreover, villainous characters Maleficent, Pete, and Hades are confirmed to return to the game. It appears that Maleficent and Pete are looking for a box, which might establish the link between the "Kingdome Hearts HD 2.8"and "Kingdom Hearts 3".

The trailer's ending showed Sora with friends Donald and Goofy facing Xemnas outside of Twilight Town. Before it completely went dark, it confirmed that a new world will unfold in the next gameplay trailer showcase at D23 Expo come July 15.

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