'Injustice 2' DLC Update: Sub-Zero Release Date Next Month; New Trailer, Things to Expect

By Matthew King, | June 19, 2017

'Injustice 2' Sub-Zero DLC release date is set on July 11. (YouTube)

'Injustice 2' Sub-Zero DLC release date is set on July 11. (YouTube)

"Injustice 2" will be adding Sub-Zero into its character roster next month and its official release date maybe revealed after the remaining players get Red Hood DLC following the technical glitch this week.

The release of resurrected Jason Todd has been staggered by NetherRealm Studios so that those who purchased the XX versions of the game access it first. Likewise, those who purchased the Deluxe, Ultimate, or Fighter pack will already get access to Red Hood DLC in "Injustice 2".

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Players should suppose to have Jason Todd on their hands on Tuesday, June 13. However, there were issues on the rollout that many players have to take the longer path to get access, Daily Express reported. Gamers have yet to first verify if the content has been downloaded by going to the "Injustice 2" official page, do some clicking and scrolling, then go back to their console, and so on.

After doing several steps, Red Hood should supposedly then be playable in the game. Players are hoping to download the DLC this week and are anticipating that this technical hitch will already be addressed to save them from trouble of following the complex way of getting Red Hood.

Following the resurrected Jason Todd, the next character in line for download is Sub-Zero who will be added to "Injustice 2" later this summer. Sub-Zero was introduced by NetherRealm Studios in a trailer, brawling with three of the Justice League heroes-Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

The video as seen below showcases his icy combos and his deadly ice-blasting powers. The "Mortal Kombat" fighter will be added to the "Injustice 2" roster in the same way Red Hood has been in July. Sub-Zero will have a new ice clone ability, which was revealed at the E3 2017 WB Games Live!

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