Can’t Get Enough of French Fries? Scientists say Eating French Fries Could Cause You Death

By Angel Lee, | June 16, 2017

Can’t Get Enough of French Fries? Scientists Say Eating French Fries Could Cause Your Death

Can’t Get Enough of French Fries? Scientists Say Eating French Fries Could Cause Your Death

A new study claims that there is an alarming link between regular consumption of French fries and a higher risk of death. The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, finds that people who ate fried potatoes or even hash browns, more than twice a week more than doubled their risk of premature death. However, although the research was not able to provide concrete evidence that people who consumed French fries regularly have died early, the researchers believe that the participants who ate fried potatoes are more likely to be affected.  In conducting the study, it was found that researchers have kept monitoring the food habits of 4,440 participants aged between 45 and 79 years over a period of eight years.

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Could the Comfort Food Cause Premature Death?

Accordingly, the study results were obtained by analyzing a number of potatoes the participants have consumed as they were also asked to fill out a food-frequency questionnaire. Scientists have revealed that the questionnaire has asked whether the participants had eaten fried or unfried potatoes, as well as its frequency. As it turns out, the researchers have explained that no direct association was found between people who ate unfried potatoes and death. However, they highly emphasized that there was a link between the frequent consumption of fried potatoes and increased risk of premature death. 

Debunking French Fries and its Effects

Meanwhile, dietitian Jessica Cording said that the results did not surprise her anymore since fried potatoes usually provide a lot of calories, sodium, and sometimes trans fat, but contributes minimal nutrition. In addition, Cording claims that additional factors like the number of consumed potatoes a person consumes, as well as other daily diet factors, should be taken into consideration. That said, the dietitian believes that there's no problem if a person will indulge himself in some of the fried goodness occasionally. Ultimately, it was also found that instead of regularly eating fried potatoes, a healthier alternative would be homemade oven roasted potatoes. 

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