Arms Gameplay and Platforms: Nintendo’s Most Recent Franchise Introduces Arena Boxing Game, Features Slapamander and Guardian Kicking Shield

By Staff Reporter, | June 12, 2017

ARMS - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer / Youtube

ARMS - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer / Youtube

Arms the latest franchise of Nintendo Switch is introducing the arena boxing game that features wide-ranging glove variations. There is the built-in variant for slapping showcased in Slapamander and the shield - kick component highlighted in Guardian. This game is coming soonest with pre-orders already available from Amazon and Game.

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This over-the-shoulder game is different and will be outperforming other boxing games because of the extendable arms with complete accessories. In a report by PCAdvisor, the game player will just have to take control of the physical buttons that will allow operative motion. Surprisingly, the game can be played in a local and multi-player mode. Of course, there are amazing 10 characters to choose from that are available with the free DLC.

Nintendo describes Arms as the first fighting game of its kind because of its many features. What the player does is simply to choose a boxing champion from all over the world. Then proceed by equipping yourself with the appropriate extendable weapon. Once ready, there is a mix of buttons that can be pressed with fast hand actions and fight the opponent. Take note that each set of weapon has a unique strength of its own. Hence, mixing and matching is name of the game.

Moreover, while playing, the game player can punch and hit equally quick and fast fighters. It is up to the game player to avoid the incoming attacks while powering up more punches on the opponent. One can master destructive punch combinations with just a button control until the defeat of the enemy.

Arms will be released on June 16 and many game players are already waiting to grab the weapon to fit their respective game style.

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