'The Sims 4' Parenthood DLC Update: Generational Gameplay to Include Pre-teen Life Stage? Release Date on May 30

By Irina Stark, | May 19, 2017

'The Sims 4' Parenthood Game Pack will have a livestream today, May 26. (YouTube)

'The Sims 4' Parenthood Game Pack will have a livestream today, May 26. (YouTube)

"The Sims 4" fans will finally get their hands on the incoming Parenthood DLC on last day of the month. Maxis has also rolled out official details on the content that will be featured in the family-themed game pack but will it include pre-teen life stage? 

Following its initial announcement a few months ago, the family-themed game pack called Parenthood will arrive to "The Sims 4" on May 30,  the game developer has officially announced. The latest DLC will introduce more of the generational gameplay where players see the return of toddlers.

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Fans will be seeing the kids more deviant than they have been before in the fifth game pack. It appears that the rebellious trait makes a comeback and see more action with kids biting, littering, uttering bad words and such.

However, players will also learn a new parenting skill to deal with bad behavior of the toddlers in "The Sims 4" Parenthood. Electronic Arts refer to this new set of parenting skills as character values traits that will enable teaching the kids with good manners. 

For example, toddlers will be taught how to set tables or some dining etiquettes, hen is the appropriate time to burp or even fart. They can acquire good traits and habits that they can carry with them as they grow up over the years.  

Kids can also play doctor with a stethoscope to use on their teddy bears. Parents can also teach them to handle anger, stop crying by taking a deep breath, forbid them to play video games and even prepare a brown bag lunch. 

Moreover, the new Parenthood DLC will see the children bring their projects after school and work on them at home. Here, parents and siblings can help in doing these with them, like a household object, backyard rockets, creating a robot or some diorama.

But many players are suggesting that the next game pack will also add a pre-teen life stage. The thing is that the official announcement teaser has not shown any indication of this feature and Maxis has yet to confirm if there is in fact a pre-teen being added in the game, too.

Game enthusiasts have also been asking for bunkbeds that is also missing in the trailer. This most wanted feature was not also added in Kids Stuff that was released last fall. 

It remains to be seen what additional items will be included in build mode once Parenthood DLC for "The Sims 4" is launched on May 20. The new facial blemishes like pimples teased before the official announcement came out will be available in create-a-sim. 

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