'Watch Dogs 2' News: Biggest FREE Content Update Adds Endgame Challenge, Multiplayer Support; DLC 3 Available Now on PS4

By Matthew King, | April 21, 2017

'Watch Dogs 2' receives the biggest free content update from Ubisoft. (YouTube)

'Watch Dogs 2' receives the biggest free content update from Ubisoft. (YouTube)

"Watch Dogs 2" has just received a major free update bringing a new weapon, and multiplayer mode among other things. Also, the No Compromise DLC is available now on PS4.

The Title Update 1.13 is described by Ubisoft as the biggest free content update for the game so far. The most noteworthy feature is the Showdown, a new 2v2 PvP mode intended as an endgame challenge where fans can play with a friend or with the other players via matchmaking.

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Showdown matches are set in 15 distinct locations and features three types of objectives -- Steal the HDD, Doom-load (KotH style), and Erase/Protect the Servers.

The patch also comes with support for multiplayer in online races such as drone, motocross and eKart races. Each will also get its own respective leaderboard and players can use them to compete for the season rewards.

Additionally, there is a loot truck event where armored trucks will randomly appear in the world, allowing players to hack them and use to survive the flood of cops that will be responding. "These will not be easy to rob, but the cash and followers payout is fat," notes Ubisoft.

Paintball gun is also a new feature and will be available in the 3D printer. It has a barrage of paintballs that can stun enemies or in the case of PvP, the opponent's screen will be covering in colored paintball splashes.

"Watch Dogs 2" 1.13 update fixes some bugs and brings game improvements such as adjusting the explosives' effectiveness when playing PvP. Players can access full patch notes via the game's official website.

Moreover, the third DLC for "Watch Dogs 2" called No Compromise is now available on PS4. It is set to arrive next on Xbox One and PC versions on May 18.

The new DLC introduces the the Russian Mafia, with features including Moscow Gambit DedSec Operation and two new non-lethal weapons. Full details on No Compromise DLC for "Watch Dogs 2" is accessible at Ubisoft blog.

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