'Left for Dead 3' Development Update: Potential Storyline, Characters, Virtual Reality Mode and E3 2017 Appearance; Everything to Know

By Matthew King, | April 20, 2017

'Left for Dead 3' will similarly feature four characters including a female protagonist named Catherine. (YouTube)

'Left for Dead 3' will similarly feature four characters including a female protagonist named Catherine. (YouTube)

"Left for Dead 3" is reportedly in its development stages and as E3 2017 is fast approaching, fans hope that Valve will debut the third installment of the franchise at the biggest annual convention this year. While details are quite scant at this point, speculations and leaks have potential storyline and new characters as well as possible features in the next game. 

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Virtual Reality Mode

Four years has passed since Valve confirmed during an office tour that "Left for Dead 3" is in the works. It is already quite a long time for the development team to have reached the final stages and are now ironing out some kinks before its official reveal.

Moreover, fans can look forward to see huge improvements in features like enhanced visual graphics, seamless gameplay, improved game mechanics and more. There is also the possibility of adding a Virtual Reality Mode to the cooperative first person shooter title.

In a recent press release, Valve confirmed that it is currently working on three VR titles. This has sparked speculations that "Left for Dead 3" could be one of them.

E3 2017 Appearance 

It is a no-brainer for any game fans to think that a follow-up to their favorite game franchise will make an appearance at the prestigious annual gathering of great minds in the entertainment industry. Four years after Valve revealed the development of "Left for Dead 3", the timing is perfect to possibly see some its gameplay trailer and details.

Storyline and New Characters

Fan theories suppose that "Left for Dead 3" will show the events on the first day  the virus broke out and a month following the infection. The game will introduce four major characters, one of them is a female protagonist known as Catherine.  

The four characters will likely resemble the characters in the second title, only differing in some aspects of attitudes and personalities. Game analysts also say that Valve might consider adding the fan requested character customization options in the game similar to other popular games like "Overwatch" and "Destiny". 

"Left for Dead 3" will most likely see a release on current gen consoles, Xbox One and PS4 as well as Microsoft Windows. The predecessor title was released in November 2009 and received several accolades like VGX Award for Best Xbox 360 Game.

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