New 'God of War' Update: Cory Barlog Confirms Good and Bad News for 'God of War 4'

By Irina Stark, | April 20, 2017

The new "God Of War" PS4 is Sony's crown jewel at E3.  (YouTube)

The new "God Of War" PS4 is Sony's crown jewel at E3. (YouTube)

New "God of War" game director Cory Barlog has some good news for players who are looking forward to the PS4 exclusive "God of War 4". But while there  is good news, Santa Monica Studio also brings some bad news.

The uncertainty involved in the release date of  the new "God of War" this year is already bad news to chew over. Fans have to hold on to their hopes and latest leaks that the new title for the franchise will be available before 2017 ends.

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But there is another bad news and from the look of it, players will not like it either. According to Santa Monica Studio, the team has decided not to release new demos for "God of War 4" anytime soon, saying that it should devote the time to work on the upcoming title.   

Barlog confirmed this piece of information when he was asked if the studio has prepared for a new demo. "Hard at work on the game, no demo.  Game is be better the fewer demos we do," Barlog said. He added that demos take a month or two away from final game, Express Online reported.

As for the release date of the new "God of War", the game director said he is still trying to figure things out. He further said that he will only release the title until it is done. 

On the good news side, the stunning E3 demo ran on standard PS4 capabilities. So, it means that players will not be needing to have the PS4 Pro to play the game that is still dubbed by some as "God of War 4".

The PS4 exclusive "God of War" will introduce players to a new setting and absolutely new style that will create an exciting game experience. The studio also clarified to fans the very reason they did not see one Norse god in the E3 stage demo. 

The new "God of War" will be seeing Kratos in an era where the vikings are no longer around. Barlog said the storyline features a substantial amount of time after the events in the past GOW titles. 

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