'Clash of Clans' Update Leak: Ships Possibly Coming in New Game Mode [VIDEO]; Collectible Figures Available now

By Matthew King, | March 20, 2017

 Supercell recently confirmed that it is working on an update for "Clash of Clans." (YouTube)

Supercell recently confirmed that it is working on an update for "Clash of Clans." (YouTube)

For all the die-hard fanatics of immensely popular "Clash of Clans" game, here's some good news. A range of beautiful collectible figures showcased at last year's New York Comic Con are now up for sale at Supercell store.

The store is offering a range of items that includes t-shirts and collectible figuresmade for both "Clash of Clans" and "Clash Royale". There's this awesome 8.5 inch P.E.K.K.A. Gold Statue priced at $125, a Clash Figure Pack that contains a Prince, a Wizard, a Barbarian, an Archer, a PEKKA and more, all for $100.

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But for those who only want to buy one or two can purchase the collectible figures for $25 a peice. The t-shirts have utterly great design of an adorable Baby Dragon Plush.

However, players who are in US and Canada can order and preorder these products for now. The store will be open for other countries around late 2017.

In more exciting news, Supercell has initially rolled out the first of the Spring Updates to "Clash of Clans". It brought in some well-needed balancing changes and other stuff to the game.

But what became more interesting to fans is the leak spotted in an image posted at the game's Japan Twitter account. The image, at a glance, seems to depict the balancing update released for "Clash of Clans". But fans found a tiny clue- a ship in the distance!

Supercell has already confirmed that the development team is hard at work for a massive update coming to "Clash of Clans" soon. The ship dropped in the image could hint a new game mode that adds ships is indeed coming to the game.

The developer has not made any comment with regard to this speculation as of yet. So, fans must wait for the official announcement of the details on the massive update coming to "Clash of Clans" soon.

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