'Hearthstone' Update from Blizzard Finally Makes Android App Size Smaller

By John Almirante, | February 04, 2017

'Hearthstone' Size of Android App Reduced by New Blizzard Update

'Hearthstone' Size of Android App Reduced by New Blizzard Update

A mobile app or game such as "Hearthstone" which takes up gigabytes of space would have a significant and detrimental effect on a mobile device since they usually have a limited amount of storage.  A new update however for Blizzard's online collectible card video game reduces its impact by cutting down on the size of its installation.

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Most software adds features and improvements over time and they tend to grow larger as a result, taking up more storage space.  This is especially true for apps and games on mobile platforms which usually have a limited amount of space compared to PCs.

According to technology news website Ubergizmo, graphics intensive games have complex and detailed graphics which often take up large amounts of space.  Games with a lot of images or highly intricate or varied gameplay can also take up signficant chunks of storage.  "Hearthstone" is a perfect example of this.

Gamers on mobile devices are increasingly more annoyed with games that consume the bulk of the available space of their gadgets.  "Hearthstone" is no exception.

Mobile gaming website TouchArcade reported that there are plenty of discussions online that tackle the problem of the increasing size of the game on mobile platforms.  Many players have had to uninstall the game due to its enormous size.

A new update from Blizzard for Android devices should now alleviate the frustrations of players.  An important change that the developer introduced in this latest update is that the size of the app has been reduced.

The update provides a much better optimized Android app that will alter the manner in which the game is downloaded.  This should make the install size smaller and offer in the future a patching experience that will be a lot better.

Reddit users have reported that the install size has been reduced from 3 GB originally down to about 1.5 GB.  A post on Reddit pointed out that to get the reduced size benefit from Blizzard's update, "Hearthstone" must be updated and then its app data must be cleared through the device's Application Settings.

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