'Final Fantasy' Poll Reveals Five Most Popular Heroines in Franchise History in Japan

By John Almirante, | February 02, 2017

'Final Fantasy' Poll Asks Japanese Students Their Favorite Heroines From the Franchise

'Final Fantasy' Poll Asks Japanese Students Their Favorite Heroines From the Franchise

Each individual fan has their own favorite "Final Fantasy" female character.  They may want to know if their favorite heroine is popular as well with other fans.  A new Japanese poll tries to find that out.

According to gaming website Game Rant, a fan poll has revealed the top five most popular heroines in the history of "Final Fantasy" in Japan.  The poll was conducted with answers from Japanese students.  The battle for the number one position was a close fight.  

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The popularity of the "FF" series has remained strong over the decades, producing a loyal fanbase that has continually grown.  The longevity of the franchise has resulted in the existence of a large collection of popular characters that their numerous fans have doted over.  

Fans have opinions on each individual game in the series.  There are games within the franchise that they prefer over others.  There are also games that receive a fair amount of criticism from fans.

"FF15" is the most recent entry to the franchise and it is not immune to the scrutiny from its fanbase.  Although it has been successful, fans have a few complaints with the latest game.

The main issue that some longtime players of the series have about "FF15" is that the primary character and his party are all male.  Though there are plans to give players the ability to customize their own character and to add other important characters within the game as a more permanent member to their party, but right now, only a few heroines have only a brief stint.

"FF15" may not have any female characters who contribute to the main party for the whole duration of the game but other games within the franchise have plenty enough heroines for fans to choose a favorite from.  Two hundred male and female Japanese students were asked to do just that.

Gaming website Kotaku reported that the most popular female character in "FF" history proved to be Lightning from "Final Fantasy XIII" and "Lightning Returns: FF13" with 8.5 percent of the votes.  The number two position belonged to Yuna from "Final Fantasy X" and "FFX-2", garnering 6.5 percent of the votes.

In third place was Tifa Lockheart from "FFVII" and "FFVII: Advent Children", taking in 4.5 percent of the votes.  Serah Farron from "FFXIII" and "FFXIII-2" was in fourth place with 4 percent of votes.  Oerba Dia Vanille from "Final Fantasy XIII" was fifth with 3 percent of votes cast for the most popular heroine in the history of the "Final Fantasy" series.

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