Doctors Discover Ways to Regenerate Fat Cells Which Prevent Skin From Healing Into Scars

By Jamie Starr, | January 11, 2017

 Doctors have found a way to manipulate wounds to heal without leaving a scar. (YouTube)

Doctors have found a way to manipulate wounds to heal without leaving a scar. (YouTube)

Researchers have discovered a unique way of manipulating the way wounds heal. Instead of healing into scar tissue, scientists have discovered a way to make cells heal and grow into the regenerated skin, thus leaving no scars.

According to Science Daily, the technique involves converting common skin cells into fat cells. The study was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine. The research was carried out by the University of California's Plikus Laboratory for Developmental and Regenerative Biology. 

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The researchers revealed that fat cells known as adipocytes are usually lost when wounds on the skin heal into scars. Healing wounds have cells called myofibroblasts. The main purpose of the cell is to form a protective layer which then becomes a scar.

Dr. George Cotsarelis told Science Alert that their current research now permits wound healing which leads to skin regeneration rather than the development of scar tissue. The study worked to convert the myofibroblast cells into fat cells.

Dr. Cotsarelis said the secret lies in regenerating hair follicles on the skin first, adding that the fat cells will respond to the signals put forward by the hair follicles.The study further revealed that while fat cells and hair follicles develop separately, they do not do so independently.

The research team discovered other factors which affect the regenerating hair follicle that would transform the surrounding myofibroblasts tissues to generate fat cells.Researchers revealed that once the fat cells form, they become identical to the previously existent fat cells. This character gives the wound area on the skin a more natural look instead of a scar.

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