With Basslet, You can Experience Powerful Bass Everywhere You go!

By Aaron Smith, | January 10, 2017

Basslets enables users to carry quality speakers everywhere and enjoy bass in their music. (YouTube)

Basslets enables users to carry quality speakers everywhere and enjoy bass in their music. (YouTube)

Among a variety of fitness trackers, smart watches and other relatable wearables, a new technology is carving a name for itself? While the rest are competing for attention, this new creation has already won the hearts of some people. This wearable is known as the Basslet.

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Resembling a watch, a Basslet can be worn easily on the wrist. However, it does not tell the time but lets its owner experience the immense pleasure of listening to music like never before. It is a subwoofer for the human body delivering beats and bass lines directly in a way that makes humans  feel the music. 

The Basslet works when attached to the headphone jack of the device using the dongle. The Basslet comes with a Bluetooth feature that helps in connecting the device easily. The best part is that no other person can witness the experience it provides unless he/she is wearing it. The device does not make any noise but works with vibrations.

The transponder of the wearable is what converts the low frequencies to vibrations that give the feel of bass. A LoSound engine is included in its build that ranges between 10 Hz to 250 Hz recreating a bass response like none other. A tiny actuator is also present, which helps in providing a localized version of the rhythms.

This amazing creation can last up to 10 to 12 hours but may die out sooner if the intensity of vibrations is turned up most of the time. The Basslet is built for music lovers on the move, who do not want anything to restrict their obsession. 

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