Study: Zombie Apocalypse can Wipe out the Entire Human Population in Less Than a Year

By Ana Verayo, | January 08, 2017

A new study has revealed that zombies can wipe out the entire human race in just 100 days. (ayoubZineLaarab)

A new study has revealed that zombies can wipe out the entire human race in just 100 days. (ayoubZineLaarab)

How long can we survive a zombie apocalypse? According to a new scientific study, the entire human population will be dead in less than a year.

In this new study by a team from Leicester University, the team calculated that humans would become outnumbered by a million zombies to one if a deadly "zombie virus" rapidly spreads in just 100 days.

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Researchers say that after a span of three months, the future for humanity will be bleak as there will be only 300 humans left alive. If these survivors were to last for another nine months, they are highly unlikely to repopulate the planet once more without being infected or eaten alive by zombies.

This new study is part of a yearly exercise to test the ability of physics students to apply scientific models and solutions in hypothetical scenarios. Every year students are asked to write short papers for the Journal of Physics Special Topics to provide them a training ground to publish, edit, and review scientific papers.

 Upon the completion of the study, the students re-assessed their results and presented ideas on how humans can adapt quickly and overcome this potential extinction threat.

More specifically, students took into account certain number of variables such as parameters of infection. If a zombie can come into contact with one human per day, this would mean a 90 percent chance of infecting them with the zombie virus.

Using a new model, researchers were able to calculate how the disease would spread and analyzed how often zombies come into contact with non-infected humans and what are the chances of passing the virus to others, to come up with how many humans would survive this zombie apocalypse.

In an additional report, the team noted that humans can apparently adapt efficiently in a zombie apocalypse, escape from and kill zombies better and that they can also reproduce quickly. Humans will also learn that the best shelter from zombies is the mountains and not buildings such as shopping malls.

With this new survival skills, the team re-calculated their results and revealed that it would take 1,000 days or 2.7 years for humans to kill and eradicate every trace of zombies. After 25 years, post-zombie apocalypse, the human population will eventually recover.

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