United States Military Warns Troops About Detrimental Effects of Energy Drinks

By Jamie Nelson, | January 05, 2017

The United States Military has warned  service members against consuming energy drinks. (YouTube)

The United States Military has warned service members against consuming energy drinks. (YouTube)

The United States Military has issued a warning against the consumption of energy drinks. The military issued the alert to service members who are known to drink huge quantities of energy drinks while on duty.

While the warning cautioned service personnel, the alarming details are being publicized, so ordinary consumers will also take notice, CNN reported. The warning was first put up on the official blog of the Pentagon, along with the health risks of the new findings.

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The study regarding the energy drinks was conducted by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. The study, according to reports, was conducted to understand the relationship between the consumption of energy drinks and sleep problems faced by service members.

The study took into consideration data from more than a 1,000 service members, including Marines. The research also looked at the habits of service members stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan as well.

The study revealed that nearly half of the deployed service members consumed at least one energy drink on a daily basis. Also, at least 14 percent of the study group reportedly consumed a minimum of three energy drinks per day.

The research suggested that those who consumed three drinks per day were more likely to report severe sleep disruption. Furthermore, such service members were more likely to find it difficult to stay attentive during guard duty and briefings, Military reported.

Energy drinks are laced with caffeine, and the military has been long interested in keeping service members awake in battle, especially those deployed overseas. However, in the latest findings, personnel have been warned not to consume anything more than 200 milligrams of caffeinated drinks every four hours.

The study further reported that an increased amount of caffeine could lead to associated health issues such as panic attacks, high blood pressure, anxiety, dehydration, and heart palpitations. Also, a statement from the Military also warned female service personnel to be especially cautious as they receive a more concentrated dose of caffeine due to their smaller size.

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