• Deals

    LeEco Scraps $2 Billion Aquisition of Electronics Company Vizio

    Chinese technology major LeEco has called off the expected $2 billion acquisition of the US consumer electronics company Vizio, citing "regulatory headwinds." LeEco Chairman, Jia Yueting, had admitted last year that the company had been facing a cash crunch and had got over-extended in its global strategy.


    iDreamSky, Sviper to Bring 'Wild City Rush' to China

    German developer Sviper has teamed up with iDreamSky to bring 'Wild City Rush' to China, with the deal seeing the launch of a culturally localized version of the game.

  • Business

    ABACE 2017: HondaJet Makes China Debut

    HondaJet made its China debut at the ABACE 2017, introducing the new twin-engine HA-420, which is a $4.5 million, six-seat entry level light jet.

  • Legal

    Uber Claims it Never Used Technology That Waymo Sued it for

    Uber stated in court filings on Saturday that its self-driving car program never used the technology which Google spinoff Waymo is suing it over. Waymo's lawsuit accuses former Google engineers of downloading confidential files containing information about its custom "LiDAR" technology for self-driving cars and then joining Uber. However, Uber claims that it still uses the commercially available LiDAR systems because its in-house technology is not ready for the road.


    Facebook and Oculus Sued for Using a Startup's Patented Technology

    Facebook's virtual reality unit Oculus VR has been recently sued for allegedly incorporating California-based startup ImmersiON-VRelia's patented technology into its Rift VR headset without authorisation. The patent, referred to in the lawsuit, describes a method of generating left and right perspectives in a 3D video game.


    Google's Discrimination Against Women 'Quite Extreme': US Govt

    The US Department of Labor (DoL) has said that the "discrimination against women in Google is quite extreme." The government department further stated that the tech company had violated employment laws in relation to the salaries of its female employees. Interestingly, earlier this month, Google claimed to have closed the gender pay gap globally.

  • Business

    McDonald’s Uses Snapchat to Hire Employees in Australia

    The popular fast food chain brand McDonald's has reportedly started a unique campaign called "Snaplications" in Australia to hire new recruits. As a part of the application, those enthusiastic about working with the brand are required to send a ten-second video application using a McDonald's-themed filter on Snap's photo messaging app, Snapchat. The company would review the video and send a link to shortlisted applicants to fill an online application form.

  • Money

    Bossland Fined by U.S. Court for Violating Blizzard's Copyright

    A US court has ordered developer Bossland to pay $8.5 million to the company that created popular video games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch, in damages for selling applications that let users cheat.

  • Legal

    Russia Plans to Ban Children Under 14 From Using Social Networking Sites

    The Russian legislative assembly in Leningrad Region has drafted a bill to bar children under the age of 14 from using social media networks.

  • Legal

    Google Introduces PAX: The Android Networked Cross-License Agreement

    Google with some of its partners have created the PAX, the Android Networked Cross-License Agreement to promote growth and to have a safe harbor on patent litigation.

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