‘Mystic Messenger’ Game Requires Women to Show Emotions

By Dane Lorica, | October 09, 2016

Looking for an Otome game with good-looking characters? Try "Mystic Messenger."

Looking for an Otome game with good-looking characters? Try "Mystic Messenger."

Dating simulator "Mystic Messenger" continues to deliver romance to more than a million female gamers worldwide.

The Korean "otome/maiden" game presents a group of charming anime boys who needfully requires emotions from players.

Although the game targets women, "Mystic Messenger's" plot does not serve what many woman typically want in a romantic relationship because they are the ones who need to do the chase and romancing.

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The plot begins when the gamer starts a chat conversation with an anonymous character leading her to a cryptic apartment where a group of boys called "RFA" live. The group includes a strict businessman, egotistic actor, childish gaming addict, mystical photographer, and a quizzical hacker. A woman assisting the businessman also resides in the apartment.

The player is tasked to plan a benefit party and replace the role of a past resident who passed away. The boys are flattered whenever the player agrees with their opinions or compliments them. To prevent a bad ending from happening, players should really focus on the emotional needs of the lads.

"Mystic Messenger" is the latest game released by Cheritz, the same creator of Nameless and Dandelion games. It is available on Android and iOS devices for free but players can advance the story with the premium version.

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