Google Pixel 2 Rumors: Top Reasons 2017 Pure Android Flagship is Worth the Wait

By Josef Bell, | June 29, 2017

The Google Pixel 2 2017 as imagined by concept creator Benjamin Geskin

The Google Pixel 2 2017 as imagined by concept creator Benjamin Geskin

Despite the imposing presence of the Galaxy S8 and the prospect of the Galaxy Note 8 coming out real soon, many Android fans opted to hold out and wait for the rumored Google 2017 refresh. What could be the reason for prolonging the agony when a variety of options are out there?

Pixel brand

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For a segment of the Android crowd, old habits just die hard. These are the same people who fell in love with Google's Nexus line and decided to switch loyalty to the replacement when Nexus was killed off in favor of the original Pixel phones that first rolled out in late 2016.

Simply put, it's like getting an iPhone in the iOS world each time an upgrade becomes available. For hardcore Android fans, Google Pixel is top on the list.

Taimen it is

Speculations are rife Google is going supersize with the Pixel XL 2. If rumors are true, the jumbo device is a near 6-inch handset and with its size alone will double as a tablet apart from its design as a smartphone. Unofficially, the large Pure Android flagship will fill the void left by the discontinued Nexus 7 so the anticipation it generated so far is wholly understandable.

Add to the excitement is the suggestion that for the Pixel XL 2017 project, Google intends to work again with LG and the name alone brings back good memories of the old times gone. LG was responsible for arguably the more beloved Nexus models of the past such as the Nexus 4, the Nexus 5 and Nexus 5X. And fans can only hope that with the Korean device maker back in the scene the old Nexus will be resurrected via the Google Pixel 2.

Pure Android

There is no denying, Pixel now is synonymous with Pure Android and for many it remains the best serving of Google's mobile operating system. It's stock, lean and buttery smooth. But more importantly, vanilla Android means better firmware and security support directly provided by Google.

This 2017, Google is ready to replace Nougat with version 8.0 of Android that is rumored to take the name Android Oatmeal Cookie or just plain Android O. One thing is sure, before everyone else it will be the Google Pixel 2 models on release date that will get a first crack when Android O starts rolling out.

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