Apple iPhone 8 Rumors: Top Specs and Feature Upgrades Hinted by iOS 11

By Josef Bell, | June 29, 2017

The anticipated look of iPhone 8.

The anticipated look of iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 on release date will boast of an all-screen OLED display with support for augmented reality (AR) functionalities have been mostly confirmed, a new report said, thanks to the public beta release of iOS 11. The upcoming software is packed with solid indicators on the things to expect with the next iPhone.

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To be sure, there will be significant user interface tweaks that iOS 11 will introduce, according to 9to5Mac, citing the observations shared by concept designer Tyler Hansen. Beta testing the OS, Hansen said the general iOS 11 interface appears more rounded than its most immediate predecessor.

The designer is also convinced that the replacement to iOS 10 will officially introduce Dark Mode to the next-generation iPhones. Dark Mode plus the rounded icons on the mobile device are seen as the more optimal interface rendering in relation to the rumors that for the iPhone 8 Apple will make use of OLED display panel.

And the same goes for the speculation that the iPhone 8 is an all-screen handset, the implementation of which will achieve better visual and aesthetic effect.

As for image rendering, Hansen is convinced the rumored iPhone 8 aspect ratio will make for a better mobile viewing experience, specifically when playing back clips. "A greater than 16:9 phone would also allow 16:9 content to play with uncropped(round) edges with a good black point on the display," the designer was quoted by 9to5Mac as saying.

On the camera side, the report said Apple's revelation that the use of new HEVC and HEIF camera formats will not only enhance the quality of produced images but also cut down the space required, by up to 50 percent, to store these pictures.

Also in line with Apple CEO Tim Cook's recent statement that the iPhone 8 will surely take advantage of the emerging AR platform, the iOS 11 release was also marked with the introduction of the new ARKit framework. The tool, the report said, is designed "to help developers build out augmented reality experiences and mixed reality experiences on the iPhone and iPad."

Apple is believed to officially launch iOS 11 with the next iPhone unveiling in September. However, rumors indicate the actual iPhone 8 release date is not happening until October or November due to production issues and supply constraints.

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