iOS 11 Public Beta is Jailbreak Killer and More Reasons Not to Install

By Josef Bell, | June 29, 2017

 iPhone displays iOS 11 concept logo.

iPhone displays iOS 11 concept logo.

Apple just seeded the first public beta of iOS 11 and the question that immediately pops out: Is it worth a test drive? For one, the release is definitely a jailbreak killer so fans of unlocked iOS should keep a safe distance. And the door to unlimited headaches will be opened the moment iOS 11 starts running.

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The beta label alone is a giveaway, meaning the OS release is on testing phase so naturally there will be bugs that exist and loads of them. WCCFTech said, beta rollouts, whether public or developer only, mean only one thing - the OS is "a menace to use and in no way will get you through the day." If one must try how iOS 11 goes in beta, it's best to do so in a test device as the whole experience will be far from smooth, the report added.

And talking about smooth experience, testers need to know iOS developers have yet to adjust with the upcoming release. That means there will be fewer apps available out there that support iOS 11 so optimal experience is certainly out of the question.

The same report also warned that following the installation of iOS 11, an iPhone or iPad will become more power hungry so a portable charger will become an absolute necessity during the test run. There is no way a device will last a day on a single charge with iOS 11 still packing tons of unnecessary stuff.

Considering all these issues, it's important to remember then that before jumping to iOS 11 beta users will need to backup just to make sure they have a solid fallback when things go south on the system. All told, there seem no compelling reasons to try the OS this early and more so if one is fond of jailbreaking.

While a group of Chinese security researchers have recently demoed a jailbroken iOS 11, there is no assurance that a jailbreak release will follow what was seen via the MOSEC 2017. For now, the safe bet would be iOS 11 is a jailbreak killer.

In the same way that in case of a jailbreak breakthrough, it will be for iOS 10.3.2, which the same group known as KeenLab has also demonstrated. So to be on the safe side now, it's best to downgrade to firmware 10.3.2, which Apple still signs but will not be for long as iOS 10.3.3 is already on beta 5.

The expectation is iOS 10.3.3 will become official soon and security researchers could finalize the jailbreak they're working on 10.3.2. When that happens better be on the latter firmware in order to access the rumored jailbreak release.

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