'The Last of Us 2' Update: Sequel to Feature More Animal Interactions in Latest Mocap Session; Naughty Dog Explains Game's Absence at E3 2017!

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | June 29, 2017

"The Last of Us 2" will center around hate as theme and will see the return of Joel.  (YouTube)

"The Last of Us 2" will center around hate as theme and will see the return of Joel. (YouTube)

The latest updates for "The Last of Us 2" will feature more animal interactions and Naughty Dog explains sequel's absence at E3 2017.

Game developer Naughty Dog explained their reasons why "The Last of Us 2" was a no show at thus year's Electronic Entertainment Expo as game director and writer Neil Druckman tweeted his reason for the sequel's absence.

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Druckman stated that there were super excited to reveal Joel and Ellie's new adventure in "The Last of Us 2," but they will have to focus on Chloe and Nadine first, referring to "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy," which is also being developed by Naughty Dog, Express reported.

It is possible that maybe "The Last of Us 2" is still in the early stages of development to the point where Naughty Dog might not have anything new beyond what players seen so far. However not all is lost because there are still other video game events like Gamescom and the PlayStation Experience where Naughty Dog could unveil more details on the game.

Meanwhile, Druckman tweeted a photo of "The Last of Us 2's" latest motion capture sessions, which happens to be a picture of a pig.

The photo gave gaming fans questions as to why they did mocap to an animal and how is it related to "The Last of Us 2's" features. While there have been no answers revealed yet, gamers guessed that this could mean that Joel and Ellie will likely hunt big game within the sequel.

It is highly noted that the first game feature Ellie hunting for dear through a snowy forest. It is one of the most striking levels in the game, largely due to its contrast and similarities to the action sequences involving both human and clicker enemies. It is a scene shown through a lens of survival, where the hunt is of paramount concern to both Ellie and Joel.

With that in mind, gaming fans will likely see more animal interactions within "The Last of Us 2's" plot and will showcase more survival tactics in hunting them for food and supplies, Gamerant reported. Not to mention, Naughty Dog teased horseback riding in the game.

There is no release date yet for "The Last of Us 2" on the PlayStation 4.

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