'Clash Royale' News, Features Update: When Will 2x2 Mode Return and What to Expect

By Irina Stark, | June 29, 2017

"Clash Royale" 2x2 game mode will be back in Summer of 2x2 this month of July. (YouTube)

"Clash Royale" 2x2 game mode will be back in Summer of 2x2 this month of July. (YouTube)

Fans of "Clash Royale" who have been wondering until now when the 2x2 button will be back will need not to wonder anymore. Supercell has confirmed that it will be back this summer in a couple of days. 

According to the game developer, the 2x2 button will make a come back and will be available in "Clash Royale" for the entire month of July. That's why this summer will be known to the fans as Summer of 2x2.

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"Clash Royale" is acclaimed as the no. 2 top mobile game in 2016 and one of the main things that makes the game fresh with lots of players is the addition of the 2x2 game mode. This feature offers the clan members the chance to play with another player and also allows others to take on 2v2 battle without having to wait for clan mates to show up online.

What to Expect 

The next question is what can fans expect from 2v2 in "Clash Royale". The development team has confirmed that the game mode will stay for the entire month of July known as the Summer of 2v2

It appears that the team wants to get more feedback from loyal players amid its huge success. This is to determine whether the 2x2 game mode will become a permanent feature or make it a part of the tournament mode or the competitive scene of the game.  

There are also possibilities that the 2v2 button will return in "Clash Royale" either with or without a leaderboard, have a trophy impact or not, and so on. Players can drop their feedback on this feature at the game's official forum and also check out the opinions of other gamers as well.  

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