'Resident Evil 7' Update: No Release Date Announcement for 'Not a Hero' DLC; Capcom Next Game Could be 'Resident Evil Revelations 3'?

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | June 29, 2017

RESIDENT EVIL 7 CHRIS REDFIELD Cameo Easter Egg Ending Gameplay Walkthrough PS4/Xbox One/PC

RESIDENT EVIL 7 CHRIS REDFIELD Cameo Easter Egg Ending Gameplay Walkthrough PS4/Xbox One/PC

The latest updates for "Resident Evil 7" will feature no release date yet for "Not a Hero" DLC and 'Resident Evil Revelations 3" could be in the works.

It seems that there is no release date announcement yet for "Not a Hero" DLC in "Resident Evil 7" ever since Capcom decided to delay it from its original schedule. The Japanese game publisher wants improve and live-up to the positive reaction the sequel gave gaming fans from last year until today.

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Game producer Masachika Kawata added that Capcom aims to match the high quality of "Not a Hero" DLC to that of the main "Resident Evil 7" game, and needed more time in order to achieve that goal, GameSpot reported.

"Not a Hero' DLC will star series popular protagonist Chris Redfield and players will be fully prepared for situation in the game, unlike the inexperienced Ethan Winters. Chris in "Resident Evil 7" will be equipped with the powerful Albert-01 handgun, a new HUD that shows how much ammo Chris has left and reveals his health status, and an oxygen tank that lets him explore harsh environments.

The storyline of "Not a Hero" will attempt to connect it to "Resident Evil 7" as Chirs has a target to reach. Several rumored leaks revealed that Chris will encounter a new BOW monster and players will learn a new ability in the game.

The new enemy type is a twist on the Molded monsters that players encountered many times over in the main "Resident Evil 7" game. The new type of Molded will spew toxic gas, which should force players to change up their combat strategies a bit. As for the new ability, Chris will reportedly be able to punch any enemies that happen to get in his way, which is consistent with the brute force his character has displayed in recent games.

In other news, it seems that new clues for Capcom's next "Resident Evil" project have been revealed.

"Resident Evil 7" director Koshi Nakanishi will be working with "Resident Evil 2" remake director Yasuhiro Anpu for the new "RE" project and stated it is currently being developed, although they cannot say anything about it for now.

However, since fans already know that Capcom is working on "Resident Evil 8" and "Resident Evil 2" remake, the speculated that this title could be "Resident Evil Revelations 3," given the success of the previous titles in the spin-off series, PlayStationUniverse reported.

For now, gaming fans will just have to wait for further details on the new "Resident Evil" title and confirmed release date announcement for "Not a Hero" DLC in "Resident Evil 7" soon.

"Resident Evil 7" is currently available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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