Next Jailbreak Release for Firmware 10.3.2 as Apple Stops Signing iOS 10.3.1?

By Josef Bell, | June 28, 2017

An iOS 11 logo is on display having an iPhone as its vague background. (YouTube)

An iOS 11 logo is on display having an iPhone as its vague background. (YouTube)

In the event of a jailbreak release happening soon, most likely it will be for iOS 10.3.2 as Apple just stopped signing firmware version 10.3.1. The latest development indicated going back from 10.3.2 is no longer possible, and the immediate scenario of preventing the likelihood of jailbreaking.

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Downgrading from the latest iOS release to an older version is not recommended for security reasons but a jailbreak solution that is based on 10.3.1 will require the procedure plus saved .SHSH2 blobs. But without the latter there is no way a jailbreaking attempt will be successful.

So it makes sense that for the next jailbreak release on iOS 10, if any, it will be for firmware 10.3.2. This happening is not entirely difficult despite the earlier suggestion from Luca Todesco that unlocking iOS starting with firmware 10.3 is tantamount to mission impossible. In MOSEC 2017 last week, Chinese security researcher demoed iOS 10.3.2 running with Cydia and installed on iPhone 7.

Redmond Pie said the KeenLab presentation in Shanghai, China last week was a solid proof that the latest iOS release can be cracked open. In fact, the same group demonstrated that iOS 11 is also open for jailbreaking if only to underscore that a jailbreak is definitely coming out on both versions. The only question is when.

As the same report observed, "it's still encouraging to see hackers continuously been able to bypass Apple's security measures and checks in place for jailbreak and research purposes," which is like saying even for a small opening a jailbreak will surely find its way out amidst Apple's relentless efforts to keep the lid tight on its mobile OS.

The wait for now is for the unlocked iOS 10.3.2 that possibly will be realized when security researcher Adam Donenfeld delivers on his promise to make public an exploit that should facilitate for an easier jailbreaking. Also, it could be that devs will want to see iOS 10.3.3 finalized first just to make sure that the Donenfeld bug will remain unpatched.

Apple releasing iOS 10.3.3 is happening soon as the firmware is already in public beta 5 and according to MacRumors it has to be the final update for iOS 10 as the focus will be next trained on iOS 11. That should indicate the next big moves from jailbreak creators will be unleashed soon.

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